Car Boot Ministry in Bingley

It began one Sunday morning when the Revd John Ineson and his wife couldn't get through their local town because the roads were packed with hoards of people going somewhere. They stopped and followed them, and found that their destination was a car boot sale. 

John, who's Honorary Curate at St Mark's Utley, says, "People attend car boot sales for many reasons; some are looking for that yet-to-be-recognised gem, others are shopping for bargains, some just like the social event. So we decided to set up a table to give away Bibles, advertise local church events and offer the opportunity to pray for people."
                                                        John Ineson (L) and John Downs from St Mark's Utley 

John goes to the Bingley site on the third Sunday of each month. He says: "We give out between 15 and 20 Bibles each time; and that's amazing really, as it takes a lot of courage at a crowded boot sale to  come over to us, with our big sign saying 'Free Bibles', and ask if they can have one.

"Thousands of car boot events take place throughout the UK, with a possible attendance in the summer months of over 1.5 million. (Some Sundays there are over 5000 sales, so with just 300 attending each, you'd reach 1.5 million.) At Bingley there can be over 200 sellers alone, with hundreds of buyers attending". 

He  adds, "We're also a source of intrigue for the sellers and often have conversations with them. They're there to make money; we make nothing, but through the Gospel message offer everything. And a number have said that it’s good to see the ‘church’ taking an interest in this event that's become a signficant national activity. "

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